Engagement photography


We love taking engagement photos for clients to give them a large image to show off on their wedding day. Engagement photography sessions are always a great day for us. There’s nothing more exciting than watching two people in love interact and have a good time together.


The slide show above is from a recent engagement shoot we shot in Deep Ellum.

It’s not only an exciting time for them, its an exciting time for us. We love sharing this exciting day with our clients as their wedding day gets closer.


We will shoot engagement photos in the studio or on location. We often like shooting both in studio and and location, giving the clients several types of images to choose from.


Many of our wedding packages include a session for engagement photography and a large enlargement to show off at the wedding reception.


The bridal photography and engagement photography sessions are also a great way for the bride and groom to develop a relationship with their photographer so they are relaxed in front of the camera on their wedding day.


If you are interested in an engagement photography session, please fill out our form on the contact page.