On a wing and a prayer – Photography of a wedding with an aviation theme


I always enjoy photographing weddings. There’s so much love in the air.  At this wedding their love was literally in the air!

The bride, Karina, is a pilot so naturally they got married at Mesquite airport and some of their wedding photos were taken in front of her Dad’s plane, which she also used to learn to fly.

Karina and Matthew got married in the hanger with the plane just outside.



You could tell they were really loving every minute of their special day. Karina wanted great photos of every moment, especially some photos with her bright yellow sports car. I took the liberty of dressing up one of the photos with her leaning back on the hood of the car.


After the ceremony, there was only one way this unique couple could do to celebrate – sky dive. After a quick drive up to Rhome, they were soon  jumping out of a perfectly working airplane. It was smooth sailing down to the ground, where they celebrated with a kiss.








Beautiful light at a Bell Tower Chapel wedding

CB2O5772 CB2O5783 CB2O5805 CB2O5975I always love photographing weddings. There’s so much love in the air and the bride and groom spent so much time carefully planning all the details. It was not any different for Nancy and Shane’s wedding, either!

Nancy and Shane’s wedding was the fifth wedding I’ve photographed at Bell Tower Chapel, but it had by far the most beautiful light to take advantage of the chapel’s stained glass windows.

The golden hour of photography is the final hour of day light. The sun is low in the sky the lighting is soft, not harsh like it is mid day. That soft, golden-hour lighting really brought out the beauty in the Bell Tower’s stained glass windows, which allowed me to capture some stunning images for Nancy and Shane!

Wedding photography for Ashley and Tino at Ellis County Community Center


I got hundreds of awesome images for Ashley and Tino at the wedding last Saturday at Ellis County Community Center. I love doing wedding photography for couples who are all about making sure they get awesome images of their wedding day. One way to get great images is to take some of the portraits prior to the ceremony.

While they didn’t want to see each other before Ashley walked down the aisle, I did take photos of the Tino with his groomsmen and Ashley with her bridesmaids before the wedding started. Things are less rushed and we can take a little longer to made sure we get photos that are unique.

The photos above are a couple of images that I took prior to the wedding. Because of the extra time, we got these great images – a beautiful portrait of Ashley and a unique photo of Tino with his groomsmen.






Pre Wedding photos for Chi and Phi at the Dallas Arboretum


Chi and Phi were dressed to the nines in tux and wedding dress as we hiked around the Dallas Arboretum in the 99 degree heat to get some pre wedding photos. They looked amazing despite the heat and we got images that could be featured in a wedding magazine!

I love all the detail in Phi’s wedding dress.  It looks amazing flowing down the rock stairs.

I always love shooting photos at the Arboretum because there are so many places to pose people. It’s not just about the flowers, although the staff at the Arboretum does a great job of constantly changing out the flowers so there are always things plants in bloom. What’s so cool at the Arboretum are the stairs, rock walls, columns and other features. There are water features as well. One of the most recognizable is the infinity pool in front of the picture frame sculpture. Chi and Phi love reflections, so when  I had them posed inside the picture frame sculpture, I was sure to include their reflection in the infinity pool.

I can’t wait until I get to get awesome images at Chi and Phi’s Tea Ceremony and reception in September.